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It is a deep rooted belief in almost every Indian's mind (except my brother's!) that life in the Western countries is amazing and wonderful. This has to do with our inferiority complex and the notion that anything Indian isn't good enough. It goes back to being under the British reign for so long as slaves. This even reflects in our daily life where being fair skinned is considered superior, for which the multi-million dollar fairness products industry is a testimony.

This is by no means written to dampen your hopes and dreams, but to give you a more realistic and practical outlook. While there are some good aspects to life abroad, it certainly has its own problems and challenges. I for one never dreamed of living in America, but it seemed to be a great option after finishing medical college. Although it is a much cleaner and prettier place, what I didn't take into account was that everyday life was more than just that. After a while, you get used to the things you see and it blends into the background so much so that you won't even notice it.

I thought American food was great until I moved here and was forced to eat it on a daily basis. That's when I realized that Indian food is the best in the world. I used to try to watch American movies and TV, but once it becomes the only option, it quickly gets dull and boring. This may be a cliche' but life sure is more colorful in India. Winter here is so cold and grey that even the Vellore summer seems more pleasant! In fact, there are ever so many things that I took for granted when I was in India, which I truly miss now.

To me, the hardest part about living here is being away from family. It's not just me but all the immigrants here that feel truly very lonely. It's certainly easier if you have family here, but you still miss being able to socialize with other families and friends. Especially during illness, being alone here is harsh. You have to do everything and if you stay in bed, you will perish. What truly matters in the end is the people you love!

So, even if the post-graduate course of your choice is offered only in a foreign country, it's best to come back home. People do make more money here, but life is richer and fuller in your own homeland. This is my opinion and it is similar to many of my Indian pals here, who want to move back to India just as I do. The opportunities in India are improving by leaps and bounds everyday. And if the future generation of India cultivated a strong civic sense, we can all look forward to a bright and wonderful life for all of us right here in our native soil!

Dr. Arthi, M.D.,(GM) M.D.,(Pulmo) (USA)

Super Speciality in Pulmonology & Critical Care

Vice Chairman

Sunbeam Alumni & District Rank Holder