Our Philosophy of Education

Sunbeam continuously strives to inculcate the best academic practices in an effort to create a bench mark for an ideal teaching-learning environment conducive to make learning a joyful activity.

The focus is on the environment both within the classroom and without, which makes learning an exploration in which teachers and the taught are collaborators and there is ample scope for questioning, debating and hands-on activities for the learners.

This will help a great deal for the students to come to grips with knowledge they generate through guided activities.

We, at Sunbeam, believe in 4C’s which prepares the students to face the 21st century challenges.  4Cs include Confidence, Communication Skills, Creativity and Compassion.

Why we believe in these 4Cs.

Why Self Confidence

With so many subjects, Class tests, debates, term papers, assignments, presentations children go through a lot of stress. Having ample self-confidence helps students undergo the stress of school and college education, thereby making a strong foundation to build their future.

Why Communication Skills

In today’s competitive world, Good communication skills can separate your child from other competitors and serve as a stepping stone to leadership responsibilities and career advancement.

Why Creativity

We live in a world that is changing faster than ever before and facing challenges that are unprecedented.   Learning a specific skill set doesn’t have the value in today’s world that it once did. Learning how to be more creative (and thus adaptable) – now that’s what prepares students for life beyond the classroom.

Why Compassion

Being compassionate is to identify, understand, experience, manage, and express a full range of positive and negative emotions in a productive way; In fact, science shows that compassionate people are healthier, happier, more popular and more successful.

How Sunbeam cultivates 4C in your children

Children will push themselves to do well if they know you will be proud of them for their achievements. We have a unique Award & Reward system for students to boost their Self Confidence.

We have exclusive Communication Skills & Public Speaking sessions to train students in Communication Skills through continuous feedback approach

We have various CLUBS/ SPORTS/ FINE ARTS which create opportunities for students to be Creative and succeed by building on their strengths.

Our students actively participate in various social activities which groom them into Compassionate individuals.

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